Some sad news…

This won’t be the normal stuff you’d expect to find here, but I wanted to tell you some (unfortunately very sad) news. Some of you may have known Dan Nash – musosdan on Twitter. I found out last night that Dan passed away on the 22nd of January.

Dan was an entrepreneur and basically all-round nice guy. Despite never having physically met him I would count him as a friend, having had many long conversations with him via Twitter and e-mail. You may recall that he contributed to Geek-Speak too and that had recently started to provide up to date news on the latest happenings with the McLaren F1 team.

Suffice to say Dan’s going to be missed, and my thoughts are very much with his girlfriend Raechel, their families, and all Dan’s friends at this time.

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  1. steveriley says:

    Like you I never met Dan IRL, but we conversed over Twitter and email. We shared a passion for McLaren F1 and even had plans to get a McLaren podcast going in the 2010 season. I really nice guy with a huge range of knowledge and interests.

    He'll be sorely missed and my thoughts go out to Raechel, who I met through Dan on Twitter, and all their family and friends.

  2. Chris, that's terrible. It's stopped me in my tracks. He was so looking forward to the new season with both Jenson and Lewis in his team.

    If you have contact with his family, and they would like it, maybe a few of us can continue to write his blog to keep it going, as an online memory of him as his passion. I'd be very happy to be part of that.

    Thoughts and love to his family.

  3. TheInfoPreneur says:

    Although I never knew Dan, I respectfully offer my thoughts and sympathy. Life is a precious thing, every day is a gift.

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