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I have a love-hate relationship with Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs: I really hate having to fill in a tax return every year, but I usually get a rebate for my trouble. Anything that can help me keep track of my finances accurately is going to be a great help when we get to the end of the financial year again.

I’ve been using Kashflow to track the income and expenditure for my online dealings for a while now and I have to say it’s the best software package I’ve tried. It’s user friendly for someone without an accounting background, i.e. me, but powerful at the same time.

Kashflow offers me:

  • Access to my accounts from any Internet-enabled computer
  • Easy supplier and customer management
  • Smart-looking invoices, and an e-mail reminder of any invoices that are overdue
  • Form “late payment” letters that have been crafted to maximise the likelihood of your client paying up
  • PayPal integration, to track incoming payments
  • At-a-glance overview of the health of your account
  • And plenty more features detailed on the site.

I’m really impressed, evidenced by the fact that I’m still a customer on their £14.99 plan after five months of use. I won’t pay for services I think are substandard, but this is great accounting software for bloggers and small businesses and well worth at least checking out.

The really nice thing is that if you want to try it out Kashflow is completely free for 60 days and (this is the good part) you don’t have to give them your credit card details. If you decide you want to stick with them after the 60 days you can give them your details then, otherwise you just walk away.

If you’re looking to keep track of your accounts securely and easily, give Kashflow a try.

Links to Kashflow in this post are affiliate links. If you decide to remain a Kashflow customer after your free trial I will receive a small commission.

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  1. Just to back up your post Chris. I use Kashflow as well, and it is excellent.

    One issue many of us face online is dealing in multiple currencies, and Kashflow copes really well with that – even at invoice level. So you can cope with a single supplier ans switch currencies for each invoice if you need to.

  2. Thanks Mike – that's an area I haven't explored as, so far, all my invoices have been in Sterling! It's good to know it's easy to switch to another currency, though, as I've no doubt I'm going to need that before long.

  3. calebwilliams says:

    I Mike, Chris I have been using Kashflow for a couple of years and I'm very pleased with it- I worried at first that with a monthly subscription I would end up paying more but in th long run but I don't think that has been the case- particularly when I factor in my time – I did my tax return this year in an hour!!

    A question about multiple currencies- I had a few problems early on with multiple currencies and paypal integration. Did you try this? What were your results?

  4. I had the same trouble with PP integtration. The system is set up to exchange all the accounts to the base currency, and it's not very accurate. My problem is that I have a dollar, a Euro and a GBP account, and the error just got bigger and bigger. In the end I turned the integration feature off and reconcile those accounts manually.

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