InstaPaper: a new kind of toilet paper

Sometimes I come across an article in my feed reader that I want to think about a bit more, maybe even read again. I used to star these items in Google Reader and work through them afterwards but I kept forgetting to go back to them. Even now there are hundreds of items in Google Reader that are marked but I’ll probably never get round to reading them.

I’ve found that a far better option is to use InstaPaper, and by far better I mean, “I actually read the articles afterwards”.

After signing up for an account you can add a JavaScript bookmarklet to your browser toolbar. Then when you find an article you want to read later you click on the bookmarklet and it will be saved to your InstaPaper account. If you want you can read the articles on the InstaPaper website, on your eReader or my favourite, print the articles out on good old paper.

So here’s what I do. Save articles I want to read – then print them as a 3-column newspaper style printout and, ahem, read them when I’m on the loo. For some reason the 3-column layout makes it feel less like work and more like I’m just catching up on the news, so I’ve been devouring articles lately!

How do you track the items you want to read again later? Have you tried InstaPaper and found it useful? Let us know in the comments.

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