Get your Formula1 geek on with F1 Drivers [iPhone]

Let’s get something out of the way right at the start – F1 Drivers is the kind of app you’re only going to want if you’re really into Formula 1. If that one phrase hasn’t put you off then read on!

F1 Drivers, by Jeff Maynard, is essentially a statistics and information app. I’ve never really understood some people’s fascination with exactly how many times their favourite football team has lifted the cup but after having a play around with F1 Drivers I’m starting to get a bit more understanding!

F1 Drivers lists every driver who’s taken part in the sport, including their career stats and photos if available. Photos tend to be available for the more modern drivers only, unless they’re Stirling Moss…

Also included is a listing of all the tracks in the 2010 season, with thumbnail map, information about how often the track has been used in the past and the date of the 2010 race. The part I found most fascinating, though, is the league of “Most Grands Prix, No Wins”. Did you know Martin Brundle’s never won a race? We’ll let him off with that, though, because he does such a good job during the race buildup and commenting :)

Most definitely one for the Formula 1 geeks, F1 Drivers is full of interesting information and stats. It costs £1.19 and is available from the app store (iTunes affiliate link).

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