Free report: Taking a blog from zero to full-time income in a year

Oh right, here we go – yet another report on how to make a living from blogging. No doubt you’ve come across loads of these and, perhaps, the hype is starting to wear a little thin. I’ll admit that I’m usually suspicious of things like this. This time, though, the report’s been written by my friend Mike Cliffe-Jones who I know is earning a living from blogging – both his own site and through the hard work of his wife Julie who runs the blog featured in this document.

I’m confident, then, that what Mike writes is both fresh in his mind and actually true… always a good thing for something like this! He’s decided to share how Julie turned a website about the island they live on into a viable income stream.

I love the comment Mike makes in the introduction, “If you’re reading this in the hope of discovering the get rich quick secret to blogging, then you might want to stop here. We haven’t discovered it.” This isn’t the story of using a magic bullet to generate massive income instantly… it’s a case of hard work and persistence, detailing the kind of visitors Julie’s site attracts, the timeline of how things unfolded, and the techniques used to generate the headline full-time income.

There are so many people looking to make a living by blogging these days, and so many people trying to sell them the techniques that’ll help them to it. If you’re looking at how you can be a “successful” blogger this report is well worth a read. If nothing else it will give you an idea of how much hard work goes into earning a living in this way, but I think you’ll get much more from it than that – check it out and see for yourself.

To get your free report you’ll need to sign up for Mike’s weekly newsletter by clicking here.You can unsubscribe at any point, and I can personally say that I’ve never had any spam from Mike… so you don’t have to worry about that either. You’ve nothing to lose and plenty to gain!

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  1. It's certainly true there's a raft of stuff like this out there at the moment, but I'll check it out.


  2. Thanks for the kind words Chris. And for your readers – it is exactly as Chris says – a warts and all look at what went right and more importantly, what went wrong in the first year of the blog.

  3. Hope you find it useful Johnny!

    No problem Mike – thanks for sharing the ups and downs with us.

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