Eliminate your friends for free! [iPhone]

Multiplayer mode brings a whole new element to a game, doesn’t it? Sure you can have the difficulty turned up full and really challenge yourself but there’s nothing like the adaptive, and maybe even vindictive, thinking of a human opponent to spice things up a bit.

Eliminate on the iPhone is a pure shooter – the idea being that you’re testing out new weapons and armour for a company called Arsenal Megacorp. The graphics aren’t quite up to Halo 3 standards, but the idea is similar… run around an arena and shoot each other. You can play via WiFi or 3G, and there’s an option to practice offline with bots if you don’t quite feel ready to have your head handed to you by a real opponent!

When you do play against another person, though, you earn credits for kills which can be spent on upgrading your armour and weaponry. There’s a system in place to ensure that people don’t just power-level their way to invincibility… each match takes a little bit of “energy” and you only get so much per day. Once your energy’s done you can still play but won’t earn credits.

The clever bit from the developers’ point of view is that you can buy more energy. So, if you really want to power-level you can, but you’ll pay for the privilege.

Eliminate’s great fun and, best of all, free. Check out the Eliminate site and, if you like what you see, download the app from the link there. And I’ll see you in the arena :)

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