Want to check the weather? Try going outside [iPhone]

Every iPhone has a weather app built in, and it’s pretty good at what it does. Give it your location and it’ll tell you the current weather along with a five-day forecast. It’s a bit, well, dull though.

Robocat have come up with a new weather app called Outside that makes telling what the weather’s doing much more visual and gives you some extra info the default app doesn’t. So what do you get? A stylised pictorial illustration of the weather along with the temperature and the “feels like” temperature after things like wind-chill are taken into account. You can swipe downwards to  get detailed information such as the sunrise and sunset times, the UV index, humidity and cloud cover percentages and windspeed.

If you swipe to the left you’ll move forward through time (not in the Doctor Who sense, unfortunately) and see the forecast for today and the next four days.

Where Outside really comes into its own, though, is with push notifications. You can set it to tell you when the UV index is above a certain level so that you know to put on sunscreen, or when it’ll rain so you’ve got your umbrella with you. Notifications are a subscription service, but you get a month free when you buy the app. You can still use the app without notifications when your subscription expires, though, and I can see this being what I do with it as it’s still pretty good even without those.

Are there any annoyances? Well, you can’t scroll through days while you’re on the detailed info screen – you need to return to the window view to move on to the next day. It can also only store one location at a time, so if you go somewhere else you’ll need to change your location in the app. The default weather app can store many locations and you scroll through them with a sideways swipe.

Despite these annoyances though, I really like Outside. It’s stylish, it’s more detailed than the default app, and at £1.70 (UK) it’s not going to break the bank. If you’d like something to revamp the weather reports on your iPhone, give this a go.

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Disclosure: Links to purchase Outside are affiliate links. If you choose to buy the app I will earn a small commission on your purchase.

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