Twitter vs Facebook, which would you have?

Let’s try something new today, a quick and easy question for you. If you had to choose between Facebook or Twitter, which would you have?

Would you miss the ease of tweeting? The games and applications of Facebook? Is there a killer feature of one of this pair that you just couldn’t live without?

Tell us in the comments! And ask as many of your friends to chip in with their opinion too (if you’re on Twitter you can use the re-tweet button below). I’d be really interested to see which one, Twitter or Facebook, comes out top.

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  1. Most certainly Twitter; for it's mobility makes it a fantastic tool. I get that facebook has mobile clients, but not on the same level that Twitter does.

  2. Well James, it looks like you're the only one with an opinion :)

    I've have to go for Twitter too – it just seems much more immediate than Facebook, although it's been interesting trying to build up the Geek-Speak fan page on there too.

  3. Most certainly Twitter. I “Do” Facebook because I feel I should, but I really don't enjoy it at all, or even understand it.

  4. I do Facebook because I have friends who aren't on Twitter, but I use Facebook so little it's hardly worth mentioning. I try to check the Geek-Speak page every day, but that's about it.

  5. Johnny Laird says:

    It's going to have to be Twitter for me, if I had to choose.

    I love the pace of it – the speed at which information is shot around – the abilty to connect with and solicit a response from key voices in whatever dialog you are participating in. I love the fact that there seems to be a tangible feeling of community.

    So, Twitter – hands down!

  6. A while go, I somewhat stopped using Twitter. Only recently have I started tweeting again, but I still very rarely tweet.

    I would choose Facebook over Twitter hands down because all of my real life friends are on Facebook, and it is much easier to stay in contact with people on Facebook then it is on Twitter.

    Twitter is awesome for simplicity, and I still use it to post geeky rants or raves that I know most of my real life friends on Facebook won't 'get'.

  7. I choose Facebook. Most of my friends are on Facebook, (even though I don't play Facebook game) somehow I find it easier to use, and it has more possibilities than Twitter at least for me.

  8. Interesting to see a few Facebook voices coming through too! Facebook certainly seems to be able to do more stuff than Twitter, but is it the simplicity of Twitter that makes it attractive in the first place?

    I'm with you Justin: more of my “real life” friends are on Facebook than on Twitter. Strange, that.

  9. Facebook are for kids and teenagers and those who loves playing pet society and farmville.

  10. lol Thanks Lito! There are a few of us using it for more grown-up purposes but I see your point. I still go for days on end without checking into my FB account, but check Twitter several times a day.

  11. Lately, I'm basically using the whole thing in a more integrated way….bouncing quite freely between the two.

    Any thoughts on Buzz?


  12. I hardly use Buzz, although I think all my blog posts go on there automatically. The only time I pay attention to it is when someone comments on a post (and it e-mails me to tell me).

    I think, for me, it's just one social network too much.

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