Track your 2010 goals online with 43Things

I don’t do New Year’s resolutions… things like, “lose weight”, “spend less”, and the like. Why? Well, I’m hopeless at keeping them so there never seems to be any point!

I’m happy with goals, though, which you might say is the same thing but I tend to find goals are more concrete in my mind than resolutions… they’re actual things I’m going to do, like floor the loft or plant a veg patch in the garden.

43Things is a handy site I’ve been using for a few years to track my goals. You list up to 43 of them (so if you have more than that you’ll need to prioritise them) and then you can track how you’re doing and mark them off when you’re done. If it turns out your goal is the same as someone else’s you can offer each other help, tips, and encouragement along the way.

It’s a great way to find help with the things you’d like to do – I’ve found a few people willing to give me tips on my goals, and plenty willing to offer support in other ways. That’s all great, but more and more I want an easy way to take this stuff with me when I’m not at my desktop. Mashable posted a list of iPhone apps to help you keep your resolutions recently, and there’s a 43Things one available. It’s pretty much as simple as the site, so there’s not much to tell, but at least I’m far more likely to keep my goals up to date if I have an easy way to do it on the move!

So that’s how I’ll be tracking my goals this year, and I present it here in the hope that you’ll find the site, or the iPhone app useful (the app is free, by the way). Feel free to share how you get on with it in the comments, or tell us if you use something else to track your goals.

Happy goal-reaching :)

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