Supernatural Season 5 coming soon (with an alternate-reality game, no less)

Note: The game mentioned in this article is available to UK users only.

I don’t normally post on the weekends, but I wanted to get this one out quick!

Season 5 of US TV show “Supernatural” is coming to the UK in February on LIVING.   To spread the news about the new series, LIVING is launching a cross-format alternate reality game (ARG), which will offer one viewer the chance to appear in Supernatural!

Season four ended as Lucifer was freed from hell and season five follows Sam and Dean Winchester as they face their toughest battle yet; the apocalypse.

The ARG is based around collecting hidden symbols – ‘Enochian Sigils’ – which players must locate, photograph and send via MMS to a UK shortcode. Sigils have been hidden online and at real world locations throughout the UK and clues to their locations will be delivered by Castiel (Misha Collins) in specially filmed sequences on the Fight the Apocalypse website. Once located, Sigils are photographed on any mobile device and using Image recognition technology – which recognises any image taken on a mobile phone camera – are uploaded to the player’s profile.

There are two ways of succeeding in the game: locating and photographing Sigils, and building an online army of support. Players can invite friends to join their army via email and through Facebook. All the core functions of the game will be available on the website and on your mobile phone, so you can keep up to date on what’s happening while you’re out and about.

Followers of the Fight the Apocalypse Twitter feed will be given tips and additional mini challenges to win extra prizes, so if you plan to play it’s well worth following that account.

The first clue to start the hunt will be released on the 20th January. Fans can pre-register for the game now at

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  1. samanthahartley says:

    Hi Chris! I know you're writing about this for gamers, but it's such a great example of building an engaged community for a brand. I absolutely LOVE the modern take on a scavenger hunt and the rewards they give for building online armies of support (an actual skill that has broader applications). Combining offline Sigils with online ones is great too, so the brand begins to permeate the users' world. It's such a fun concept; in another life (and another country) I would totally be playing this game! Makes me excited to find a way to do this with my tribe, in my niche. Thank you for sharing in a Saturday post.

  2. Hi Samantha,

    Thanks for the comment. Brilliant idea, isn't it? I love this cross-over between the online and offline worlds and I'd be really curious to see what you come up with if you do decide to try and use this in your area.

    If you need any geek publicity just let me know ;)

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