Make music while you walk with RJDJ [iPhone]

We don’t realise it, but humans are pretty good at filtering the information our senses pick up during the day. The feeling of your tongue sitting in your mouth, for instance, doesn’t normally occur to you until you start to think about it!

Similarly with sound: you hardly notice the drone of traffic, the sound of kids walking to school, or the rustle of the wind. You’re aware of it on some level, but not really concentrating on it. What if all that background noise could be turned into the seed for something creative, though? That’s what RJDJ sets out to do.

RJDJ delivers “music as software”, or “software as music” depending on your point of view. When you have your iPhone headphones plugged in RJDJ uses the microphone to listen to what’s going on around you and convert that into a musical landscape. It’s the weirdest thing hearing ambient noise turned into something more… a passing car being echoed in stereo, a child’s shout being warped into a range of tones or (and this one quite freaked me out) the sound of my own voice being used to generate bass notes!

RJDJ comes with a series of free “scenes”, designed by different musicians and each producing a different effect. You can even record what the app generates and upload it to the RJDJ site. If you want extra scenes these can be downloaded by in-app purchase for a small fee (typically around £1.19). There are also other free and paid versions of the RJDJ app that come with different scenes, so there’s a bit of opportunity for trying out a few without paying through the nose!

Check it out and see what your local environment sounds like – if nothing else it’ll make you more aware of what’s going on around you.

RJDJ is a free download from iTunes.
Technically the download link is an affiliate link, but RJDJ is free and I will not receive a commission on your download.

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