Customise your Mac with retro screen savers

James DocThis is a guest post by James Doc. James is a Web Technologies student in Lincoln, UK and is a freelance PHP & ASP.NET web designer in his spare time! He gets excited over new gadgets, sci-fi and a wide variety of music. You can read more of Doc’s thoughts on his blog or follow him on Twitter

Mac OS X comes with some beautiful screen savers. Flurry is pretty and the mosaic screen saver using your iPhoto or Aperture images is just fantastic. Sometimes it’s nice to personalise your desktop beyond the basic, built-in settings though.

One of the things I really like about Linux is that there is a huge range of screen savers available for it. Admittedly some of them are a touch on the dull side, but others are just fantastic;  flying toasters or bouncing cows being good examples!

Now thanks to Dan at UneasySilence the XScreenSaver package, consisting of over two hundred screen savers has been compiled for OS X 10.6 “with 64 bit goodness.” You can download these retro scenes from Check them out, and be sure to try out my favourite: Substrate.

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