Why should I write posts for other people's blogs?

January 27, 2010 Off By Chris Hinton

Writing a blog can be hard going at times. Finding material, crafting it into something resembling an article, replying to comments, and trying to keep it fresh can be, well, hard work. Surely there’s no time to be writing posts for other people’s blogs too, is there? It’s hard enough to look after one and the others are all competition after all!
Writing for someone else’s blog might not make too much sense on the face of it but there are incredible benefits to be had by doing so. Let’s have a think about some of them.
New And Improved Relationships
I know, it sounds like an advert for washing powder but bear with me. By offering to guest post on other people’s blogs I’ve formed new relationships with them. You might argue that it’s a fairly shallow relationship based on me doing them a favour, but everything begins somewhere, doesn’t it? Some of those initial contacts have evolved into regular contact and I’d happily count some of those people as friends. I’m convinced that a good blog is based on relationships, so forming new ones is beneficial to my blogging as well as it just being great to get to know new people.

In some instances I already knew the people I guest posted for, and it’s been good in those situations to know that I’m offering them some help with their posting schedule. After all, if I can fill a post for them that’s one they don’t have to write themselves. Helping out a friend is (or should be) a natural thing, but it doesn’t hurt that it also strengthens your relationship with yet another blogger.
New Traffic Sources
When someone guest posts on my blog (and I am accepting guest posts, by the way) it makes sense to publish a little bio so readers know who’s writing. It’s also courtesy to link back to the writer’s own site or social media account. From my point of view, then, if I write a brilliant article and give it to another site there’s a good chance some of their readers will want to know more and follow my link.

Apart from anything else that’s also encouragement not to give other sites the articles you just don’t think are very good. Give away your best material and you’ll reap the rewards in reputation and new readers. Alternatively, give away your old tat and people will come to associate you with poor writing.
Get Your Name Known
Here’s the key one for me… getting my name known to a wider audience. I might not see a huge increase in traffic immediately. I might not build a stellar relationship with a new blogger immediately either. What will happen, though, is that a new group of people will see my name and see my writing, and that’s very valuable. I’ve had writing opportunities come my way because people have heard of me (scary, isn’t it?) and even an invitation to participate in a radio show. Anything that gets you “out there” and enhances your visibility is ultimately going to be to your benefit.

I’m convinced of the value of guest posting and will continue to seek out new opportunities to do so. What about you though? What do you think the value (or otherwise) of guest posting is? Have you had any experience of doing it and want to share? I’m sure there are more benefits than I’ve mentioned here, so add your thoughts in the comments! I’d love to hear what you have to say.
Post Image: Felixco, Inc. / FreeDigitalPhotos.net