Why I upgraded from the iPhone… to the iPhone

That magical day, when your mobile phone company will let you upgrade your handset, finally came. I headed down to the O2 shop and asked about an upgrade… and I was told I was a day early.

The next day, though, I was in town again so I revisited the shop and sat down to talk my options through with the salesman.

What was I using at the moment? An iPhone 3G.

Had I thought about the Palm Pre? Yes; I was very impressed with and tempted by it.

OK, so what would I like to upgrade to? An iPhone 3Gs please.

A few people have asked my why I did that. Why not try out something new? The answer is simple and, I think, potentially a very clever move on Apple’s part: apps.

I’ve spent a considerable amount of money on customising my phone with applications. One application in particular, CoPilot Live, turned my phone into a fully functional satnav but at a cost. Then when I add up all the little bits of money I’ve spent here and there on games, utilities, or pointless (but fun) applications, it mounts up. If I were to switch to an altogether different platform I would have bought all those apps for nothing.

There is, however, a second part to the story. I also decided to stick with the iPhone because I genuinely think it’s a great phone. This is the first handset I’ve had where I haven’t been desperate to get rid of it after a year and, after eighteen months, I could easily have stuck with my 3G rather than upgrade. I just chose to because I could and, well, why not?

Many of the UK’s iPhone 3G users will be coming to the end of their original contract, and since O2 will allow you to upgrade a month early, will be in the position to change their handset. I’m curious to know whether any other 3G owners will be upgrading to the 3Gs or switching to another make of phone? Or perhaps you’ll be waiting for whatever Apple announce for this summer? Tell us what you think in the comments.

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  1. Jaxrolo says:

    I did the same thing last month. I went to the GS version and I must say having the extra memory really helps.

  2. Thanks for the comment! Yeh, it's definitely quicker than the 3G, especially when opening big apps like the satnav.

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