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Edit: There’s been a bit of confusion over the release date of Beyond Blogging and the sales link is now live. If you want the book, you can buy it now.

I’ve mentioned over the last few days about a new book coming out by Mike Cliffe-Jones and Nathan Hangen called Beyond Blogging. Well, it’s out tomorrow! I’ve been lucky enough to have a preview copy and I have to tell you it’s a great read. If you were to buy it (and I would happily recommend it to you) what can you expect?

You get insights based on interviews with some of the most successful bloggers and Internet marketers around – personal information about those people’s personalities, circumstances, struggles, successes and failures. You also get equally valuable insights based on case-studies of MORE of the most successful bloggers and Internet marketers out there. In all fifteen people are covered including Darren Rowse, Chris Garrett, Pete Cashmore, and Justine Ezarik.

You don't so much end up thinking, "this method will bring me success" as "this is what it takes to be successful", a subtle but important difference!
Beyond Blogging differs from the usual “how to succeed” stable in that it’s much more anecdotal than other books I’ve read. You learn about the people behind these successful sites, and not just some cold, sterile growth techniques. You don’t so much end up thinking, “this method will bring me success” as “this is what it takes to be successful”, a subtle but important difference!

This is a very easy read – I got through the 200 pages in no time – and feels very much like you’re being spoken to by a friend who’s telling you what a few of his other friends have been up to. Friendliness isn’t enough, though, so it’s good to see that after each person’s rundown there are some solid pieces of advice based on what’s been said in the interview or on Mike and Nathan’s own insights into the subject’s rise to success. The book finishes with a section pulling everything together, again in a very friendly but solid way, and inspires you to think differently about your blogging.

If you’re looking to build a successful blog in the New Year, or even if you’re looking for some insight into how you can grow an offline business, I’d heartily recommend Beyond Blogging to you. The lessons within are fantastic, and I’ve found the stories of the people featured nothing short of inspiring.

Check out the Beyond Blogging site and get your electronic copy of the book on release.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of Beyond Blogging for review purposes. This does not guarantee a positive review, and you can be certain that what I have written here is what I genuinely think. If you purchase Beyond Blogging through any of the links on this site I will receive a commission on the sale.

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  1. Thanks for the review, you are awesome :)

  2. At the risk of this sounding like the annual general meeting of the “thanks” brigade, thanks for the comment but also thanks for putting together the book!

    I hear the launch is going really well for you guys and wish you continued success.

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