Setting up Google DNS in Mac OS X

December 8, 2009 Off By Chris Hinton

Working through my feed reader I saw this post by Robert Bravery on Google DNS and how to set it up on your PC. Robert does a great job of explaining what DNS is, and what Google’s specific offering entails, so I won’t bother going though all that again… if you want to find out more, read his post!
However, I do want to tell you how to try it out if you’re on a Mac. It’s pretty simple, so here we go:
System PreferencesOpen your system preferences and select the Network panel (it will be in the Internet and Wireless section).
In the Network preference pane, make sure your network connection is selected (in my case I’m using Airport) and click “Advanced” (bottom-right).

DNS Settings - Click to enlarge
DNS Settings – Click to enlarge

Open the DNS tab in the next panel and add your DNS servers using the + button. Then just “OK” and “Apply” your way back out of the various dialogs and you should be good to go.
I’ve yet to notice an increase in browsing speed using Google DNS, but it’s early days. So if you want to try it out, and you’re on a Mac, there’s how you do it.
Don’t forget to let us know how you get on, and feel free to post any questions.