Using WordPress’ scheduling option

If you’re a WordPress user there’s a very handy option that will allow you to make better use of your time – the ability to schedule posts for publication at a future date.

wp-publishThe technique is simplicity itself… just write your post as normal but hold off before hitting the “Publish” button! In the Publish box you’ll see the usual options. Hitting “Publish” now would make your post public immediately, but you can click on the “Edit” link and enter a time and date that you’d like your post to go live. Hit “Ok” and you’ll notice that the “Publish” button has changed to “Schedule”. Press that and the job’s a good-un… your post will only appear on the site after its scheduled publish date and time.

Now, why would you want to do this? I use the schedule function every time I write… I write late at night, but want my posts to go live early in the morning. So when I’m finished writing I just schedule them for around 4am the following day. If I’m feeling particularly inspired and write several posts at the same time I can schedule them for a couple of days at a time and relax a bit!

The schedule function has been particularly valuable to me lately, though, because I’ve just moved house and haven’t had time to write in my regular time slots. So I worked to make sure I had a few posts in hand and scheduled them in advance. It’s actually very liberating to find that you’ve got the whole week covered on Monday morning! I’ll definitely be trying to do that more often from now on.

So whether you want to get ahead with your writing, have a press release you want to embargo until a certain time, or just want to give the impression that you’re up and writing at 4am, you’re bound to find a reason to use WordPress’ scheduler. Try it out, then take a little holiday :)

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