Tweetie 2 for iPhone gets an update

What do you use to tweet on the move? I use Tweetie 2: it’s slick, simple, and does what it’s meant to. One thing that I have missed with it, though, is the ability to handle lists. I group some of the people I follow into lists so that I can keep track of them, but that wasn’t possible while using Tweetie 2.

Well, it has now had an update bringing support for Twitter lists, retweeting, and geotagging. Everything’s just as slick and smooth as it was before, but this brings Tweetie up to date with the newest Twitter features.

Geotagging is great, although it appears people can’t see your location if they’re using the Twitter site… they’ll have to be using a client that supports geotagging to see where you’re tweeting from. Also, when you first try to use geotagging Tweetie will tell you to set it up in your account – but when I followed the instructions I couldn’t find where to enable it… I had to log in on the Twitter site and check the appropriate box in my profile. Still, once that was done it worked very well! It was dead-on accurate in my tests, and the location can be viewed from within Tweetie (i.e. without having to load Google maps instead).

One great (and new) feature is that now where there’s a gap in the timeline Tweetie will display a “rip”, which you can tap and it’ll fill in the gaps for you. Previously if you’d left it too long to read your updates you were just stuck with the gap, so this is a most welcome addition.

Tweetie 2 is available from the iTunes App Store, priced £1.79 – cheap enough to make it a no-brainer, and good enough to mean I wouldn’t be with out it!

Purchase Tweetie 2 from iTunes (Affiliate link)

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