Turn your digital photos into Polaroids with Rollip.com

We’re previously looked at Poladroid’s recreation of instant photographs but it seems they’re not the only ones working hard to recapture that magic. Rollip.com does much the same, but you don’t need to have an application on your desktop this time… it’s all done online.

The process is kept very simple – just pick what style of photo you want, choosing from imitation polaroids (complete with that classic “frame”) or full-sized with the same colour and focus effects applied. As with Poladroid, I think the recreation of the dodgy colours you used to get with polaroids is pretty spot on.

If you go for the imitation polaroid you’ll get to choose which style of frame to go for, with a variety of text styles for captioning your photo and other nice effects (like the coffee-stain I used on the photo above!) Then upload your original image and you get the processed version back out. Simple!

That’s it really; you can download your processed image, send a link to your friends, or share it on social sites… and when someone asks you why your picture looks a bit funny you can tell them about the good old days of polaroid cameras :)

Drop in to Rollip.com and see what you come up with!

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