Using Google Trends for Blog Ideas

August 31, 2009 Off By Chris Hinton

At the start of this month we had a look at Google’s Wonder Wheel, and how it could be used to browse through related searches and spark off ideas for blog posts. If you’re chasing after search engine traffic, though, it pays to write about the stuff people are searching for… which is where Google Trends comes in handy.
Google Trends lets you enter a search term and see how its search popularity has varied over time. But where I find it handy is that it also lists the top 100 trending searches (for the US). There isn’t always something good in there… much of the time you look and think, “why on earth are people searching for this stuff?” but every now and again there’s a search term that would fit perfectly with the site and that I know I can genuinely write something about.
That’s the trick, though – don’t look at the list and think, “how can I fit as many of these into my site as possible?” because people will notice when you start writing about something that doesn’t fit with your normal subject matter, and if you’re not really interested in the subject you won’t write a particularly good article! Just… act natural… use this as a springboard for ideas and see where it takes you. Hey, you could even plug some of the popular searches into the Wonder Wheel and see if that comes up with anything interesting!