Get your retro sweets here!

OK, not quite “here” but “there” –

If you remember buying your sweets in “quarters”, from glass jars, or were just wondering where you can get hold of a Sherbet Fountain then this is the site for you! So many sweets I thought had vanished forever, and so little time. “A Quarter Of” aims to supply you with those “retro” sweets from childhood, many of which are hard or impossible to find in your local corner shop any more.

Really there’s not much to say other than to tell you to get on over and explore the site. Just try not to spend too much money, or give yourself tummy-ache :)

Thanks to Barry Snedden for mentioning this on Twitter and giving me yet another site to obsess over!

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  1. Hehehe! My wife discovered this site a year ago, and we regularly get little packages in the post. It really does bring back memories!

  2. Big Dave says:

    Have you looked at

  3. Ooh, no, I hadn’t seen that one Big Dave – thanks for the heads up! Looks good!

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