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Back when I worked in an office, for a bank, we pretty much enjoyed the corporate life… but there was some fun to be had from viewing it from a cynical angle.

One thing that we used to love poking fun at were those motivational posters that have a photo and then an inspirational phrase beneath… Fortunately, produce a fine line of demotivational posters that fed our cynical appetites! This was where we first came across, and it was love at first sight. They have since branched out into mugs, t-shirts, calendars, and have recently been running a competition for people to come up with the captions for the most recent demotivators, but through it all there’s still that delicious cynicism.

I remember once there was a problem with an order I had placed, and the e-mail I got back from the customer service department was a wonderful mix of irony and helpful information… talking about ensuring that the appropriate “underpaid lackey” would be punished for the mistake, whilst also telling me when I could expect the problem to be solved.

The funny thing is that for all the talk about underpaid staff, demotivation, and trying to get one over on your workers, is a successful and efficient company… which is, I guess part of the irony!

If you’re looking for an ironic poster for your office, a mug that’ll get people talking, or some postcards that’ll raise a smile, drop on by and see if there’s anything that tickles you :)

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