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I recently spent a few days in London on a training course (saying at the Yotel again, by the way) but found it incredibly hard to decide which gadgets to take with me and which to leave behind. What did I end up taking then?

  • iPhone – To be honest, no matter what mobile phone I had I was going to be taking it with me, but I was pleased to have an iPhone because I was also able to load it up with music, take notes on it, and stick a few games on it for those long waits in the airport! Oh, and I even used it as a phone a few times ;) The good thing about mobile phones is that they really do replace a lot of other items, such as a compact camera and alarm clock. If I were being really ruthless with my luggage, I could have to away with only taking this.
  • DSLR Camera – OK, so I said the iPhone could have replaced a camera, but it didn’t… I wanted to take my “proper” camera with me because I knew there would be the opportunity ti snap a few good photos that I wouldn’t normally get the chance to take. So my DSLR came to London with me and, whilst it was a wee bit bulky, it did mean I could take some cracking photos on my journeys.
  • Laptop PC – Unfortunately work still needed to be done even while I was away, so a laptop was an essential item. This meant I could keep up with a few things whilst away from home. I was even able to get online because of…
  • 3G mobile modem – I haven’t jailbroken my iPhone, otherwise I could have tethered to that, but having a 3G modem enabled me to have a fast internet connection even though there were no wireless networks available where I was staying. I could even upload a few of my photos while I was away too :)

OK, so that’s what’s in my travel bag, although the camera was a bit of a one off. What do you take with you when you travel though? Are you a tech-light traveller, or do you take everything including your battery-operated soldering iron? Let us know in the comments, and feel free to tell us why you take what you do. C’mon – don’t be shy – let’s start the week with a conversation :)

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  1. I’ll be travelling abroad soon for a couple of weeks on holiday, only technology is my digital camera! Even my BlackBerry stays at home!

  2. Thanks John. I think if I were going abroad I’d be tempted to leave my phone at home too… I’d be paranoid about accidentally running up a huge bill or something!

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