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Mashable recently posted about TweetMic, an iPhone app that allows you to post audio recordings to Twitter. I decided to give it a go and see what it was like.

Firstly, pricing (always an important thing!) – it’s just 59p in the UK, the lowest price available on the app store (if you don’t count free, that is). I don’t mind buying stuff at that price just to try out, since it’s not exactly a huge financial investment!

Using TweetMic is a simple affair, pair it up with your twitter account by entering your login details, then press the VERY BIG record button and, when you’re ready, upload your recording to TweetMic’s servers and post to Twitter. Essentially, that’s it. The audio can be as long as you like, since it’s stored on TweetMic’s server, but you do have to be aware that very long recordings will take some time to upload, and there’s a warning when you’re not on Wi-Fi that you should keep the recordings as short as possible. The sound quality does seem pretty good, something I’m always surprised at when making recordings using a phone!

What would you use this for then? I’ve used it to let people get an insight into the sheer noise of the youth club I work at once a week, but I can imagine you might want to use it to share your child’s first words, let people hear that you’re at a concert, or perhaps you’ve started to hear the hum!

Whilst I can’t see myself using this all day every day, I thought that about TwitPic as well and ended up posting far more pictures than I initially thought. I have a feeling being able to post audio tweets is going to be more useful than it seems at the moment so, for that reason, TweetMic is the newest resident on the “will probably use one day” page of my iPhone dashboard :)

TweetMic is available from the App Store (affiliate link)

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