Be Funky: Free online image editing

Be Funky

Jazz up your photos with Be Funky

There are loads of free online image editors out there, meaning you should be able to find one to suit your tastes no matter what your skill level or what you want to do to your images.

Be Funky is a photo manipulation tool that allows you to quickly and easily add effects to your pics. There’s a good range of effects available:

  • Cartoonizer
  • Warholizer
  • Charcola
  • Patriotic
  • Inkify
  • Line Artopia
  • Stenciler
  • Sunburst
  • Scribbler

You pick your effect first, and then load your image into the editor. This can be done by uploading a file from your computer, taking a picture with an attached camera, providing the URL of an image on the Internet, or importing an image from photo-sharing sites (like Flickr).

Once the image is loaded, playing around with it is simplicity itself. You can switch between variations in your chosen effect and, once you’ve found one you quite like, customise it further by mucking about with some of the preset parameters. I was very pleased to see that you can switch to another effect from the main screen, as I was a bit worried that having made my initial decision I wouldn’t be able to change my mind!

The effects are of good quality, although as with all these things a person with ninja Photoshop skills will be able to do much more with your image. However, for the graphically-challenged, like me, this is a good opportunity to play around with your photos without forking out hundreds of pounds for hardcore software…

Have a play around with Be Funky, and if you create anything cool why not post a link to it in the comments? It’d be good to see what you come up with.

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