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Not quite sure how to categorise this one… MacHeist is a site that presents visitors with a series of puzzles, or “heists” over time. These might involve solving a simple puzzle, going on a treasure-hunt around the Internet, or any number of other puzzles and games. At the end of each heist is a juicy reward – free software (as you may have guessed from the name, it’s Mac software).

As you progress through the heists you can also earn a discount on the MacHeist bundle, a package of software still to be determined but sold at a discount and earning money for charity.

There’s a great community forming around the MacHeist site this time (we’re on MacHeist 3) with people divided into colour-coded teams and all trying to work out how the heck you get more points for your team! You can usually find plenty of people willing to help if you’re stuck with the heist too, which is fantastic.

If you want to exercise your brain, pretend to be a secret agent, and get free software, check MacHeist out today!

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