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My wife despairs when I put my iPod on shuffle. She says I have too much random music on it, so one minute we’ll be listening to something from the charts, the next we’ll be listening to some experimental electronica, followed by a classical piece. I do admit that I have very wide-ranging tastes in music, and it’s hard to find a good place to explore that range.

One site that does cater for a variety of tastes is Once you’re logged in, you can simply search for a song you want to hear and, assuming it’s in the list, listen to it or “blip” it, which allows you to write a short comment and add it to your public play list… almost like being the DJ of your own Internet radio station.

Follow other DJs to discover new music, give props for DJs you like, and just enjoy having a huge library of music at your fingertips. Head on over to create your own station, and feel free to tune into mine any time you like.

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