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Twitter’s great and, although I had a brief dalliance with Plurk, I’m back in the Twitter fold. Actually, that’s not entirely accurate… I still use Plurk but am using Twitter much more these days.

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TweetStats – free Twitter Analytics

How much more? Well, if you were so inclined you could head over to TweetStats and find out. I’d love to know what I tweeted at 3 and 4 am! Why was I even up then? But according to the stats, I was, and I had something to say.

As well as monthly tweet counts there’s tweet density by time, aggregates by day and hour, and a list of who you’ve replied to the most. I quite like the list of interfaces used too – despite having TweetDeck and an iPhone I apparently still use the plain ‘ol website the most.

If stats are your thing (I know some people love to check out their analytics) or you’ve wondered what your tweeting trends are, head on over to, stick your Twitter nickname in, and let it work its magic for you.

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