Friday Fun: Flight of the hamsters

I’ve definitely played this one before, but I remember getting pretty addicted to it :) The idea is simple, launch your hamsters and try to achieve the longest distance.

Click once to launch upwards, again to hit with the pillow and launch sideways. Once you’re airborne you can click to glide a little way. The powerups on the way will help you stay in the air for longer.

Enjoy, and why not post your best distance in the comments? Mine is a measly 334 feet.

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  1. Make that 437 feet :)

  2. I remember this one its terribly addictive… speaking of which I managed a 365 which did include a 159ft in one go :)

  3. 447 :)

    It’s worrying how proud I am of that…

  4. Kristoff says:

    Woot 469 ft. Beat that :)

  5. oooh 446 :)

  6. does happy dance… 545 feet with a personal best single jump of 276ft :)

  7. Victory is mine! 564ft, featuring my two personal bests of 223 and 247.

    Again, slightly concerned at the pride I’m feeling over something so trivial…

  8. Hah, I think I may have to admit defeat! I haven’t beaten my 437 again yet…

    And yet, I just… can’t… give… up! :)

    Edit: Yay! 449!

  9. OK, I really need to stop this now. Just got 592 though!

  10. Fantastic! Im not sure however how many hours of my life i wasted getting my rodent to 42 meters :)

  11. I really need to stop playing this – just got 647ft…

  12. jim bob says:

    672 :)

  13. jake brown says:

    woa i got 812 feet :)

  14. Jessiie says:

    wow i got 1009 which included 675 in one go !!!! BEAT THT

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      EDIT: I should point out this wasn’t in response to Jessiie’s comment – the abusive ones have all been removed.

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