Black Mesa Source Trailer Released

Ten years ago Valve released Half-Life – the story of scientist Gordon Freeman’s struggle to escape the research facility he works in after a disaster allows alien beings to cross into our world. Some people loved Half-Life, whilst others hated it, but it marked a new era of gaming for me with its physics-based puzzles and intense storyline.

Well, Half-Life has moved on (as you’d expect) but the original still holds a dear place in some people’s heart… so it’s being recreated with the current Half-Life (Source) engine! Take a look at the trailer and, if you remember the original, marvel at how much more detailed it looks now:

The project team have had to make some allowances for the fact that the security guards and scientists in the original were generic characters, whilst in HL2 they had become the specific Barney Calhoun and Dr Kleiner, so there is some reimagining to be done. There are also, apparently, a few new scenes and dramatic devices to spice things up a little.

If you enjoy the Half-Life series, and if you play on PC, get hold of this when it’s released and see how the story began.

There is currently no release date, but by looking at the trailer and website it seems they are very far along… hopefully soon!

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