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I don’t know if it’s the iconic status of Star Wars or just because they’re cool, but lightsabers seem to hold a special place in the minds of children (both in terms of their age and even the overgrown variety). Give someone a coloured stick, or even a light-tube, and there’s a good chance they’ll swing it making a swooshing sound… even if only in private!

You have no doubt seen the toy lightsabers available in shops with the flick-out blade and light-up action, but what if you want something a little more “authentic”? Something you could really battle the Sith with? One option is the Handmade Custom Saber offered by ThinkGeek. This comes in two hilt styles and three blade colours, allowing you to choose the combination you want. The great thing is that the polycarbonate blades are tough enough to withstand “moderate fencing”. That’s a bit of a step forward from the Argon tube I once had that didn’t even survive the post! The custom sabers cost $139.99 for the hilt, and another $139.99 for a blade. ThinkGeek also point out that these particular sabers do not make a noise, so you’ll have to do that yourself.

So what if you don’t want to make the noise yourself and, perhaps more importantly, aren’t really up for paying $260 for a toy (albeit a very cool one). Firebox stock the Force FX Lightsaber: a replica of the film sabers (though it looks like they only have Darth Vader’s one in stock at the moment). These have digitally recorded sound effects, and accelerometers give the correct sound as you swing for your enemy. One of the sensors is even designed to pick up blade impacts, meaning careful duelling is possible with these as well. And you won’t have to argue about whether a move was a “hit” or not, as you’ll hear it! The Force FX Lightsaber costs £59.95 or $94.30 (at time of writing).

Right, so all that’s great and you can pick up a pretty good lightsaber without spending too much cash. But you know what would be great? A custom-designed saber… every Jedi had their own design. The story goes that each Jedi built their own saber, so each was unique. If you’re serious about geeking-out on Star Wars you’re going to need your own design too. Let me introduce JQ Lightsabers, a UK company specialising in replica and custom sabers. Many of their designs use polycarbonate blades, making them tough enough to whack your friends with (can you tell I think being able to use your lightsaber is important?) but it’s the hilts that really take the breath away. Their apprentice sabers are a simple chrome handle that will get you up and running for a mere £46, unless you want a double-saber in which case you’d pay £79. They also produce replica movie sabers (£210 and £230 for the ones currently on offer) and shadow sabers; shorter sabers for “two-handed combat” or “suitable for juniors” (would those be younglings? The icing on the cake, though, is their custom-built section. A combination of parts, light-up switches, machined sections etc. allows you to have that unique design you will need to convince your friends you are a true jedi. The path to enlightenment doesn’t come cheap though: custom sabers start at £165 and the price will vary depending on what you want done.

So, if you’re after that genuine lightsaber feel there are plenty of options depending on your budget and requirements. Question is, which would you pick?

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