The Doctor is out: David Tennant quits Doctor Who


The TARDIS – most recently
piloted by David Tennant’s Doctor

If there’s one thing certain about Doctor Who it’s that, eventually, the Doctor will change – but I have to admit that I’ve really been enjoying David Tennant’s stint in the TARDIS and had hoped he would stick around for a while – after all, whilst most actors have stayed in the role for a relatively short time, Tom Baker racked up seven years as the Doctor.

Sadly, it’s not to be: BBC News reports that he has decided to resign following filming of next year’s special episodes. His decision is based on an initial thought that he would only play the Doctor for three years, and a desire to leave the show whilst still on a high rather than outstaying his welcome.

David has played the role brilliantly so far, bringing his own interpretation to the Doctor’s character. The exciting bit now (apart from the new episodes, obviously) will be seeing who will replace him. Bearing in mind that Stephen Moffat is also taking over from Russell T Davies the next series will see a lot of changes! Exciting times ahead :)

Update: And the new Doctor is… [link]

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  1. Kristine says:

    This is depressing!! He has been such a good Doctor! I was cynical when he replaced Christopher Eccleston, but he has been amazing. *sigh*

  2. He has been great – but I’m sure they’ll find someone suitable to take the role on. Maybe Russell Brand how that he’s not on the radio any more ;)

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