Star Wars: Steampunk Style

I was very tempted to write something about the Large Hadron Collider today, but I figured everyone will be doing that! Suffice to say, you can check whether the world has ended here.

Instead, I thought I’d bring you a bit more Steampunk and show you just what a difference changing the style can make to a well known story. So here’s Star Wars, steampunk style:

Sillof builds custom figures, some looking very much like the person depicted (his Doctor and MacGyver are pretty much right on the mark), but his re-imagined figures are something to behold. I’m going to shut up now and just show you some of his work, along with a few images of the original item too…

C3PO and R2D2

The ever-present droids:

Steampunk C3PO Steampunk R2D2 R2D2 and C3PO

Images by Sillof and DevanJedi

Imperial Stormtrooper

Steampunk Imperial Stormtrooper Imperial Stormtrooper

Images by Sillof and Snekse

Darth Vader

How could we not include Darth Vader?

Steampunk Darth Vader Darth Vader

Images by Sillof and Snekse

See how there’s a difference between “normal” sci-fi and steampunk? It’s only my personal opinion, but I think the steampunk versions look great and kind of tap into my love of both sci-fi and history… especially Vader’s “Kaiser Wilhelm” style helmet.

If you’re interested in seeing more of Sillof’s Star Wars work, check out Steampunk SW, Steampunk Empire Strikes Back, SW 1942, and SW Re-visioned. Or drop into any of the other excellent sections available on his site.

(And a big thanks to Sillof for allowing me to show his images here)

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