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OK, so you’re a geek. You like, among other things, gadgets, but you’ve only got a limited budget. How do you decide what you want to buy next?

Whenever I want to buy something I kind of obsess over it for a while. I find out as much about it as I can, good and bad, so that I know I’m not about to pay good money to be disappointed. So, it’s off to the review sites to see what’s hot and what’s not.

Test Freaks is one such site, providing reviews of all kinds of tech from games, to sports equipment, cameras, and even calculators (for some bizarre reason). What’s good about the site is that it offers both expert and user opinions, so you get to read what the “proper” reviewers think, and what the average-joe punters like you and I thought. Reviews are drawn from various sources around the net, making Test Freaks more of a review aggregator at the moment. However, this will start to change as more people discover the site and review the items there.

Results can be filtered to narrow down the number of items returned, and each item is given a score out of ten. Rather nicely, each item is also given a rank (e.g. 5 of 149 in Canon/28 of 1498 in Digital Cameras). That appeals to me, being able to see how close to the top of the pile a particular product is!

And a final good feature… price comparison. Well, you want to know you’re getting the best item at the lowest price, don’t you? Whilst it’s still always worth checking out other price comparison websites to double-check, this is at least a good indication of where you’re likely to be able to pick your new acquisition up cheaply.

As for accuracy? Well, that’s always going to be subjective. I’ve got my eye on a camera at the moment that I know is high quality and good value… and, yes, it receives a high score. The xbox360? Understandably, it rates at 7.8 (I’d say it’s good but flawed). As ever, the final choice as to what to buy is yours, but sites like this can be handy in making that choice. If there’s something you’re after, check it out and see what others think about it!

Test Freaks is currently in beta

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