10 awesome gadgets even college students can afford


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They say school days are the best days of your life… I used to think “they” were crazy!

When I was at university, you very rarely saw anyone with a laptop in a lecture, and if they did have one you could be pretty sure they weren’t paying attention to the lecturer! Nowadays, though, personal technology is so pervasive that it would be unusual to attend a lecture and not see at least one laptop on a desk.

EDUChoices, a website dedicated to helping people make the right educational choices, lists ten cool gadgets for the keen student, ranging from the obviously useful pen-top computer to the more abstractly thought out hot-dog toaster! The list actually contains some great tech, so check it out… And if you’re not a student? What the heck – you might see something you like anyway! Personally, I’m rather taken with the pen-top computer!

EDUChoice’s 10 Awesome Gadgets That Even College Students Can Afford

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