Robert Kirkman on comics

My geek-ness is a wide ranging one, and falling within is the world of comics. I love them, at their best they can easily be considered literary masterpieces. However the printed comic world is facing an uncertain and problematic future and its not just from the web but it stems from their lack of innovation. Creator Robert Kirkman talks about such things in this video – LINK (I have tried to embed but its not working)

From my viewpoint I agree with Kirkman, things must change, I find myself reading stories that although new can easily be read as rehashing older ideas (some not so old), the lack of creativity in especially DC and Marvel results in a recycling of characters and plots which inevitably will lead to a creativity stagnation.

So what are your views:
– Do you even read comics?
– Do have an opinion on the future of the big four (Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, and Image)?
– Have you noticed a dip in creativity in the mainstream?
– Do you read independent/creator owned titles?

(via: Angry Zen Master)

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  1. I always have a look at the graphic novel section when I’m in a bookshop, but never actually get round to buying anything! I have to admit that, while I think they’re wonderful, I don’t really read printed comics. I’m more of a webcomic man.

    I used to love the Alien magazine, though (think it was a Dark Horse one?)

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