Cardboard Safari: Cardboard Animal Puzzles

Cardboard Safari

Spruce your living space up with
a cardboard hunting trophy.

Not quite sure how to categorize this, other than, “It’s cool!”; Cardboard Safari is a new take on those stuffed animal heads you see on the walls in stately homes and castles, except that these aren’t the usual hunting trophies: they’re cardboard puzzles.

Made from 100% recycled, non-toxic cardboard, these puzzles are a quirky addition to your home. Quite apart from the fun of putting them together (and painting them, if you choose), there’s the cool-factor of owning one, and it’s bound to be a conversation starter. After all, who wouldn’t be curious to see one hanging on your living room wall?

Whether you live in a mansion or a flat, these cardboard animal heads would make a great addition.

The heads range from $16 to $52, and can be delivered internationally

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