Blogging on the move :: WordPress for iPhone

Well, the official WordPress iphone app is out; designed to make it easy to post to your WordPress-based blog from Apple’s new mobile gadget. Question is, does it actually live up to its own hype?

Well, I’m writing this post using it, so if this is a disaster I guess we’ll have our answer!

Set up is nice and easy: just install the app, open it up and enter your blog’s details (URL, username and password). The app then loads your last thirty posts and your categories. Writing a post is as simple as writing an email, with the only real problem being fat fingers on a small keyboard. There’s even the facility to add photos you’ve taken on them built in camera.

So this does actually make blogging about as easy as it can be given the limitations of using a mobile device… I wouldn’t want to try and write a huge post, but it’s certainly useful. Think I’ll keep it :)


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