Working on the move

July 2, 2008 Off By Chris Hinton
Moleskine and pen

We looked on Monday at Taking your software with you: Portable Apps, but I wondered what you thought about the whole thing?
While portable applications are a great solution for me, others will want to take a laptop and have everything with them in the one go. Due to a lack of budget (and a fear of looking pretentious!), I tend not to work on a laptop while I’m travelling. In fact, for serious work that doesn’t actually require a computer, I prefer a good old-fashioned notebook and pen.
So I wanted to know: what do you use to work when you’re on the move? Are you hi-tech or olde-worlde? Are you a laptop person, dictaphone crazy, portable-app evangelist, or notebook and pen traditionalist? Let us know in the comments what works best for you.
Disclosure: The notebook and pen links, should you make a purchase from, will generate a small amount of revenue for Geek-Speak.