Take a chill pill and click…

I am sure that we have all played many flash games in our time. I know that I have lost countless hours (if not days) to a plethora of flash games from the simple to the complex. Well, now for something a bit more chilled. So for your pleasure I present a small selection of some laid back games:


Click image to play Flow

Simply sublime in its simplicity and addictiveness, if you have a PS3 and haven’t downloaded this, go and do do so now… we’ll wait…

done it? Good. You’ll thank me… or curse me when you realise you’ve been playing it for hours.

Music Catch:

Click image to play Music Catch

Kinda in the same vein as fl0w, simply catch the particles, gaining multipliers from yellow and a suction from purple, red is bad though. The music used is a simple chilled piano piece and works very well, the only jarring aspect is the text that keeps popping up when you collect a yellow, red, or purple object.


Click image to play CoBaCoLi

Its a physics game, but more sedate, not any less infuriating, but chilled none the less. Simply bounce the coloured balls around into the walls of the same colour.

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World of Solitaire:

Click image to play World of Solitaire

Who needs a windows application when you can have an entire truck load of solitaire games! Ok, so its not exactly a “chillout” game but hey, I like it :)


Click image to play Boomshine

With one click, you must create a chain reaction of silent(ish) explosions to reach a target… not as easy as it seems.

Deep Chalk (the second phase):

Click image to play Deep Chalk

I have to admit defeat the game is so laid back that you must need to alter your senses to play it :) Give it a go, its rewarding in its own unique way.

So there you go some kinda more laid back games, not exactly all “chillout” games but close enough I feel. Obviously the respect must go out to the creators of these works, many thanks to them all!

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  1. Deep Chalk: I just don’t get it!
    Music Catch: Absolutely brilliant – the music is really nice and chilled out.

  2. Nice, I enjoyed the game boomshine.

  3. Deep Chalk was actually easier than I thought it was going to be. I didn’t use it but I discovered you can just right click and select forward to skip levels. Funny flash games. There is another game like that is similar to this where your dog is dognapped by aliens driving a planetoid. It’s pretty ambient like Deep Chalk. I would tell you the name but I forget. If you are interested I am certain you can find it.

  4. Samorost 1
    and Samorost 2

    Super great “chill” games



  5. Had a go of Samarost 2 – good fun and, you’re right, pretty chilled out.

    Thanks for posting :)

    Nate – I’ll have to go back to Deep Chalk and give it another go. Maybe I just wasn’t in the mood for it or something.

  6. Just to add another, Dyson, which I found via the fantastic Rock, Paper, Shotgun website (http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/?p=1878)… its a download game but well worth it.


  7. gr8 games i enjoyed all of t\’em

  8. Nice post… I like it like Milk and Company

  9. Peter White says:

    I love the music one, really chilled. Boomshine has been one of my favourites for a while.

  10. great cool chill-pill games.

  11. If you like Deep Chalk’s music, it’s from a band called “The Boards of Canada”.
    All of their albums are really worth buying.

  12. Thanks for the tip, HurP – just checked them out on Last.fm and really like their sound. Shame there’s only the 30-sec clips on there, but I’ll have to find one of their albums now :)


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