Friday Fun(?): Net Neutrality on The Daily Show

Net Neutrality on The Daily Show

John Hodgman explains Net Neutrality on
The Daily Show
Click image to view the video

Yes, yes, I know… this is from 2006! So it’s old! Yes, get over it. It’s new to me, OK? This is actually a great introduction to the whole net neutrality thing… click here to watch John Hodgman (the PC guy from the Get a Mac ads) talk about how data is transmitted online.

While we’re thinking about that, it looks like Net Neutrality is already under threat in the UK. There was the story about Virgin Media a while ago, which we haven’t really heard much else about except that Virgin see it as legitimate to question how increased demand on Internet infrastructure will be met. In the meantime, there doesn’t seem to be a clear statement coming from anyone on whether prioritising traffic is ethical, or even whether it would constitute breaking the contract between ISP and customer.

Wow – this is getting a bit heavy: I intended just to put up a funny video! So tell us, what’s the story on net neutrality where you are?

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