Find colour-matched images with Colr Pickr

Colr PickrFind colour-matched images with Colr Pickr

Colr Pickr is a clever app that allows you to pick from a swatch of colours, and then displays a load of Flickr images that closely match your chosen colour. I’m a big of a design philistine, so something that gives me images that fit with a colour scheme is incredibly handy… otherwise I’d end up creating something that looks like Colin Baker’s coat!

The thing is, Flickr is a great place to get stock images from too – so anyone looking to create a poster, graphic, brochure, or whatever else, will at some point think, “I really need something [insert colour here] to finish that bit off”, and while you can recolour in Photoshop, sometimes it’s easier just to grab something that’s already the right tone.

So there you go – a handy colour picking app. Just make sure you have permission to use any images you find (or they’re Creative Commons) :)

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