Communication made easy

Sometimes you need to talk to someone – to apologise, complain, or something else – and you just don’t know what to say. What if there were some easy to fill in forms that helped, though?

The Bureau of Communication provides just that, with forms to fill in for a number of different occasions, ranging from declaring romantic intent, to airing a grievance, to offering unsolicited feedback.

An easier way to apologise?

Ok, so it’s more a bit of fun than a serious way to communicate, but it’s a pretty cool idea. And, who knows, you might actually find it a useful and humourous way to send someone an apology or break the ice with the object of your romantic intentions.

Have a look at the site, and while you’re at it, why not tell us in the comments what other scenarios you would want to see forms created for?

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  1. I have to admit the idea of sending of someone the romantic intentions one is so appealing its almost too tempting :)

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