Rasterbating can send you blind

Rasterbated DalekI hate paying for posters… and I can never get the image I want. It would be much better to be able to print my own, but my little A4 printer isn’t quite up to the job!

…until now! Enter, stage left, Rasterbator!

Rasterbator takes any image, from the web or uploaded from your computer, and converts it into several pages of large dots that you can print out on A4 (or a host of other paper sizes) and assemble into the poster of your dreams! There is a downloadable version of the application as well that has no size or resolution restrictions, but I haven’t tested that as it’s for the PC and I’m on a Mac. However, that aside, if it work anything like the web-based version it’ll be mighty impressive. I’m pretty pleased with my Dalek poster, made from a macro image I took myself of a little radio-controlled Dalek toy.

One thing, and it’s the reason for the title of the post; you will need to be quite far away from your poster before it will look much like the original picture… otherwise it’s just a series of coloured dots.

The original image was a colour photo of a Dalek toy. The rasterbated image is in full colour, but the original wasn’t particularly colourful to start with! It is 4 pages wide by 3 pages deep.

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