Upgrading Mac-Mini Memory

Memory SODIMMI bought my Mac-Mini with the default memory load-out… which was 512Mb. “That’s plenty”, I thought, but it turns out that it really wasn’t doing the job. So I decided to upgrade… something I’d been told is far from easy in a Mac-Mini.

Thanks to this tutorial, though, it turned out not to be so bad after all. I won’t reproduce the whole process here, because the tutorial’s pretty comprehensive, but here are some points that I found tricky or useful:

  • My Mini takes SO-DIMM memory, not DIMMS. I missed this when I first looked at the specs, but fortunately realised before I actually ordered the upgrade.
  • I isn’t necessary to buy memory from Apple; I bought mine from eBuyer.com and got 2Gb for £35
  • I pried the case apart using three things:
    • A very thin acrylic painting palette knife so that I could create a big enough gap to get something more substantial in
    • 2x handles from a large bulldog clip that I took apart, but this is where the putty knife would be used that’s mentioned in the tutorial
  • The case does indeed pop a LOT when you take it apart… but it all opened up without anything breaking, so that was OK.
  • The upper chassis is connected to the lower one by a socket, which makes it stiff to remove. I didn’t realise that, and wondered why it was so hard to lift up the chassis. You also need to make sure you get the chassis lined up with the socket again when you’re putting it all back together again (obviously).
  • Putting the case back together is indeed a fiddly process – it took me three goes to get it back together properly.

Opening up such a nice piece of equipment, hearing the sharp pops as the case comes off, and realising that I don’t recognise the architecture AT ALL (I know the insides of PCs pretty well, but this looked altogether different) was a scary process. But the tutorial helped, and now my mac runs like a dream with 2Gb memory installed.

Turns out opening up a Mac isn’t as scary or as difficult as I’d been led to believe :)

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