Teeny-tiny HD Camcorders

I own an analogue camcorder and, while the quality is OK, it kind of has that “home shot” look. It’s also pretty hefty, since it has a space for the tape and so on.

HD camcorderSo what other options are there? Well, Firebox sent me an e-mail about some of their new products, and these lovely HD camcorders were among them. Capturing footage at 1280×720 resolution, that’s pretty impressive! I don’t own an HD telly, so even 640×480 looks good on my old TV set, but these resolutions should look good on computers and HD sets.

Best thing about them? They’re small! From the images provided on Firebox, they fit into the palm of your hand. Oh, and they use memory rather than tape, giving 2 hours of HD recording on a 4Gb memory card. Not bad at all, really. Now I need to save up if I want one!

I haven’t heard much about the company that makes them (Aiptek), though – has anyone got a product by these people and can offer a recommendation or a warning?

Disclosure: If you make a purchase using the links I’ve provided, I will earn a small amount of commission. Thanks.

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