The Fentix Cube

Andrew Fentem‘s very cool Fentix Cube is a fusion of multi-touch technology, LED display, and the good old-fashioned Rubix Cube (h.t. to Cool Hunting for this one). Andrew is an electronics engineer with experience in military R&D, synthesisers, HCI, data-visualisation, and innovation management. If there were a president of geeks, he would probably be in the final round of votes! :)

As well as the Fentix Cube, Andrew has worked on multi-touch displays, electronic musical instruments, interactive flooring, and my personal favourite: kinetic surfaces.

Sorry, the video that showed the kinetic surface has been set to private on YouTube.
Now, the real question is, when can we expect to be able to buy a Fentix Cube, and when can I have a shot of one of those kinetic surfaces games?

Check out his site for more information and contact details.

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