Getting started with SAM Labs’ Make

I love tinkering with gadgets and electronics. I remember as a child I would take different devices, like clocks, alarms, and cameras apart to try and figure out how they worked. If I’m honest, I always struggled because I had no idea what each individual part of the system did.

SAMLabs: MakeNow I’m a parent I’m keen to engender a similar desire for discovering how things work in my children so I was really interested when I came across SAM Labs.

SAM Labs is a system of interconnected blocks, each of which is either a sensor or an actor. The sensors may be things like a button or a tilt sensor while the actors are things like lights, motors or servos. What’s clever is that the modules are all Bluetooth-enabled, so there’s no need to wire them together to make a circuit; instead they all communicate wirelessly. [Continue reading…]

Taga 2.0 Family Bike Kickstarter

David Lumm is a professional programmer and all round geek with a passion for taking complex things and making them simple.

When you become a parent it’s inevitable that your priorities and perspective change; whilst we still get excited by the same things that excited us before, we also get excited by things that perhaps wouldn’t have interested us before we were parents. It’s in that vein that I noticed the pre-kickstarter adverts for the Taga 2.0 on Facebook – there’s a good chance that you saw them too. As a parent and an occasional cyclist I found the concept of a purpose built family bike intriguing, especially given the chance of getting such a capable bike for a mere $599 (or about £410).

If you haven’t seen the advert, or maybe if you just scrolled past it, you might not realise just how interesting this bike is, so let me tell you a little. First of all, you’ve got the tub at the front, a bit like the dutch bikes, but has three wheels with the front two moving independently of the cargo tub; much easier to steer and balance, much shorter too.

Taga 2.0 Options
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